About LeadLearn

The LeadLearn Cycle

There are four parts to the work we do: research, collaboration, observation and coaching.

1Research & Analyse

Our Learning Environment Survey is all about collecting measurable data on your learning environment, to understand it better and identify areas of growth. An expert LeadLearn consultant will work with you onsite to administer and analyse your results.

2Collaborate & Learn

The LeadLearn Cycle focuses on collaborating and reflecting in a safe, familiar and welcoming environment – your own workplace. Our consultant will facilitate an open and collaborative session between peers, to help analyse feedback and make an informed decision about where to focus your energy moving forward.


Through the observation process, you will implement everything you have decided upon in the Collaborate and Learn session. We’ll help you to identify focus areas and interventions that can positively impact your learning environment; testing, measuring and refining as we go to ensure success.

4Coach to Action

Our coaching model is about walking shoulder to shoulder with you through the LeadLearn Cycle. By encouraging and challenging you throughout the process, we’ll help you to learn and grow into a more self-reflective leader.

Our Beliefs

The LeadLearn philosophy is one we live by. Our core beliefs are an integral part of the work we do.

Be a great coach

In order to do the work that we do, we need to understand the high performance environment. We take a disciplined approach to all coaching conversations, and focus on process. We’re solutions based, not reactive. We work hard to be aware of biases, and resist mentoring.

Be a leader with a purpose

Great leaders show gratefulness to those they lead. We’re innovative and we follow through with our ideas – head in the sky, feet on the ground. Integrity is core to who we are, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. Our role is to simplify and focus on what matters. We’re authentic in our mission to support people however we can.

Be an expert educator

To be an effective educator, we need to create the right conditions for learning. We take part in our own professional learning, and we stay informed of new and emerging research in education. We know how to make an impact and run workshops tailored to our audience. We value collaboration, clarity and involvement.

The LeadLearn Team
Matt Wadewitz
Managing Director

Matt is a coach and learning environment researcher. He is a Certified Lead Teacher and was the first teacher in Australia appointed to AITSL's Teacher Expert Committee. He brings an advanced knowledge of research based practices and coaching to business leaders, sports coaches and educators.

Luke Darcy
Innovation & Partnerships

Luke is a respected media and sporting personality. He is also a dedicated father of four, who is passionate about reflective practice and collaborative learning environments. Having been a LeadLearn Director since 2015, Luke has been instrumental in LeadLearn’s success to date and our continuing vision.

Damian Hill
Senior Consultant

Damian is an educator with over 30 years’ experience. He has taught in junior, middle, and senior school classrooms and was Head of Senior School at Cardijn College. Damian has been instrumental in program design and has a deep interest in providing accessibility and engaging opportunities for children with diverse learning needs. Damian works with LeadLearn’s corporate and education partners to enhance capacity through collaboration and reflective practice.

Jo Matthews
Executive Assistant

Jo has a background in customer relations and small business operations. She has been with LeadLearn since 2015 and provides support to our team and business partners. Jo is the primary administrative contact for LeadLearn.

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