Great leaders never stop learning

The LeadLearn Cycle

At LeadLearn, we believe the key to being a successful leader is to never stop learning. We work with leaders, coaches, and educators to hone your leadership skills to the benefit of the people and teams you manage.

As a leader, so much of your energy is spent helping others succeed. LeadLearn turns this focus back on you, using collaboration and reflective practice to boost skills and strengthen leadership capabilities.

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Collaborative Learning

Our leadership coach works in collaboration with you for the best chance of success.

Reflective Practice

We’ll help you to learn and grow into a more self-reflective leader by encouraging and challenging you throughout the process.

Measurable Growth

We’ll help you to identify focus areas and interventions that can positively impact your learning environment, testing, measuring and refining as we go to ensure success.

You're in good company.

"I think it's definitely got benefits as far as high performance systems go."

"The LeadLearn Cycle we've been involved in, has the capacity to have enormous impact on moving schools forward into the future."

"The cycle enabled me to address my specific weaknesses, leading to a performance management process that positively impacts and promotes learning for my team. It has been invaluable for me and the company."

"Professional and targeted coaching that assists coaches to develop their own individual development program. I can highly recommend the LeadLearn Cycle."

"LeadLearn is one of the most efficient, concise, and targeted Performance Development tools we've undertaken here at SPW."

"The results were instant. The LeadLearn Cycle is one of the best programs we've ever run."

Who we work with


Impactful leaders are reflective. They look for ways to create conditions for their teams to thrive. We’ll work with you to gain a deep understanding of your working environment and the teams you lead, so we can tailor a cycle to fit your goals. Reflective practice will be the basis of our work; looking inward to help create meaningful change within your organisation.


The link between education and coaching is clear. It’s all about effectively developing knowledge, skills and personal character. The LeadLearn Cycle for coaches is targeted, actionable, and based on valid data. We’ll look at player perceptions in order to improve your coaching ability, boosting outcomes for athletes and the team in the long term.


The LeadLearn Cycle is all about collaboration, self-reflection and feedback – all key parts of being an educator. We’ll work with you onsite to tailor the cycle to your needs, ensuring lasting impact on both teachers and students. Our work is grounded in research-based teaching and learning strategies and is aligned to the AITSL standards.

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